New Construction in Bonita Springs

So, I’m with home buyers in Bonita Springs and we are looking at resale homes and condos in Sterling Oaks, Spanish Wells and Village Walk when I suggest to the buyers that we look at New Construction in Bonita Springs. One of the buyers then says that he would never buy a new construction that would be built “behind his back”.  I’ve heard it before and I don’t know why I said it out loud but I did: You do realize that all of the resale homes that we’re looking at have been built ‘behind your back’ also, don’t you?

New ConstructionIt got quiet in the car and I think that everyone realized at that point that he wasn’t going to buy anything, he was just looking for reasons to not buy at that point. That's ok but let's just be fair about it.

The developers and real estate agents, quite honestly, have far better things to do with their time rather than cajole and “sell” people real estate that they do not want or need.

Here are some facts about new construction in Bonita Springs, Florida. You will have every opportunity to do walk a through a few times during the new construction process.  Most developers now update buyers with photos on secure website which keep buyers updated. 

When you close sale on your new construction you will have the opportunity to have a full home inspection, just like  you do when you purchase a resale home or condo.  The home inspector will even do a “new home inspection” to catches those little touch up cosmetic items most people don’t catch for months or years.

The benefits of new construction include the most recent insurance codes which equals money saved going forward, choice of colors of décor, paint and flooring selections plus 6 months or more of having “your foot in the market” without a mortgage payment or upkeep costs.  If you’re planning ahead for retirement or a vacation home, this could be a great way to go.

If you’d like to know more about purchasing new construction or even a resale call or text me at 239-273-7430.  Here’s a little video I made about shopping for them both: