Bonita Springs Listing Agent

This living website is authored by Chris Griffith, a real estate agent in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida.  I’m a long time resident of Bonita Springs and a local real estate agent at Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. in Bonita Springs, Florida.  I've been licensed to sell Florida real estate since 1999.

I’ve authored real estate blogs for a over a decade. I had grown tired of the blanket statements about the Bonita Springs real estate market without regard to how local it actually is I took it upon myself to write accurate coverage of the local real estate market. The truth is in every article I write and it is usually about something that I have personally encountered or experienced during the course of selling real estate.  Everything that I’ve learned in the thirty-plus years that I’ve lived here and the sixteen-plus years that I’ve been selling real estate in Bonita Springs is openly and freely shared.

Writing is my recreation and also an extension of my business.  I proudly wrote the real estate column for Naples Daily News for several years and I also free lance upon request.  I’m a frequent contributor to Southwest Spotlight magazine. I’m always writing or creating content which is distributed on any number of social media platforms.

When I’m not working I am with my own family.  I have grown twins, Jonathan and Jennafer who also live in Bonita Springs.  They are both married and have started their own families.  We are lucky to see each other several times per week.  I am a great cook so everyone shows up for our regular family dinner on Wednesdays. I’m very lucky that I get to spend so much time with my grandson Aiden and my grand daughter Madison.

You can learn more about me and my family on Facebook.  I also moderate a Facebook group for locals that you may find interesting.  To learn more visit The Bonita Springs Estero Community Forum.

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