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Jan. 16, 2019

Trash Collection in Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs Trash Collection

Trash Collection on Tax Bill in Bonita Springs

Every time I see someone’s trash dumped somewhere I think, why?  Why does someone dump trash?  it doesn’t matter what the trash is or how much it is or isn’t in quantity, the trash collection would have picked it up ...

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Jan. 8, 2019

Surf Furniture Consignment Stores in Bonita Springs 7/365

Consignment Furniture Bonita Springs

Surf the Consignment Stores in Bonita Springs, Florida

The Bonita Springs area is well know for the large amount of consignment stores. Why do we have so many consignment stores in Southwest Florida? We are an area of a lot of seasonal home ownership and, of course, we have a ...

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Jan. 1, 2019

Facts: Insurance & Taxes in Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs Property Taxes

The Truth About Taxes & Insurance in Bonita Springs Florida

“But I will pay more in real estate taxes and insurance in Florida than I do in upstate New York … “

That was a comment I received on a Facebook post that showed every state with the income tax ...

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Dec. 1, 2018

Life in a Waterfront Home in Bonita Springs Fl

Waterfront Home Bonita Springs

Life in a Waterfront Home in Bonita Springs Fl

The other day Facebook showed me memories and it was of the day that I moved into a new home in Bonita Farms. It occurred to me that people might not have asked or even considered what it’s like to live ...

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Nov. 13, 2018

Sewing Milkweed Seeds in Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Springs Milkweed Plant

Planting For Butterflies in Bonita Springs, Fla

Like many of my home buyers and sellers I spent the last year or two moving, downsizing, remodeling and moving again. I know I have one more move, at minimum. Unfortunately, this has put a crimp into my butterfly gardening so one of ...

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Oct. 12, 2018

Septic Systems in Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers FL

Septic System Bonita Springs

Septic vs. Sewer Systems in Bonita Springs

The Bonita Springs area is a unique area that is mostly deed restricted and gated. There are Bonita Springs homes with septic systems. Locally, there is a large concentration of septic systems in San Carlos Park just a few miles north of Bonita ...

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June 18, 2018

Space Saving Tips for Bonita Springs Condos

Bonita Springs Space SaverOrganizing Your Bonita Springs Condo or Home

Over the last few years I’ve moved a few times, downsizing every time. I’m still in Bonita Springs, in single family home located Bonita Farms. It was built in 1974 and it’s less than 1,500 SF of living area which means small ...

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April 11, 2018

Landscaping Your Bonita Springs Florida Home

Bonita Springs Landscape & Plants

Choosing Plants For Your Bonita Springs Home

Most home owners in Bonita Springs don’t have the opportunity to landscape their home from scratch. I didn’t think I would but my dear friend Irma blew through last September and took with her some over grown, mismatched, tired trees and left a ...

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March 2, 2018

That Bonita Springs Home With a Huge Tree

Bonita Springs Oak Tree

Removing a Large Tree in Bonita Springs Florida

It doesn’t matter if it’s a banyan tree or an oak tree.  Big trees that are not properly maintained are a head ache and a very costly matter to clean up.  Nature lover’s love trees and while they may try ...

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Oct. 31, 2017

Post Hurricane Irma Wish List | Bonita Springs, Florida

 Bonita Springs Hurricane Checklist

Bonita Springs Hurricane Comfort Items

With first-hand experience, the Griffith family and the great members of the Bonita Springs Estero Community Forum were nice enough to help contribute to a list of newly discovered hurricane essential items and conveniences that they wished they had during Hurricane Irma. Most of ...

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