Neti Pot bonita Springs allergiesPart Two of five "must haves" if you live in Bonita Springs, Florida or SWFL.  It’s allergy season in Bonita Springs.  What is causing the itchy eyes, sneezing and runny noses?  Well, in February it’s slash pines and the oak trees.  Spring is in February here.  Surviving SWFL Allergy Season is tough but there are some healthy remedies.

Whether it's Oak Trees and Slash Pines in February or Rag Week and Melaleuca Trees that chronically pollinate, a medication free treatment for allergies and hay fever is sinus flushing with a neti pot. I am not going to show you how to use one but it's really not that hard to do. It's a great, natural way to help reduce symptoms of allergies. It's part of my daily routine and it has helped with sneezing and headaches due to pollen/dust/histamines dramatically.

I've tried a few brands and have liked the Neilmed Neti Pot the best because of the lid and it is plastic so if/when you drop it, it doesn't break. You can also order replacement saline packets on Amazon. I found it challenging to just find the packets so I order them online to avoid the stores. Here's a link to the video about the neti pot and the link to it is in the comments of the video here:

We’ve started a for the home channel on YouTube so you can see other helpful healthy and beauty aids that are beneficial for SWFL home owners and visitors.