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Bonita Springs Florida Home Owner Essentials 1 of 5

Part one of five "must haves" if you live in Bonita Springs, Florida or SWFL. First, you should have a manual can opener (think no electricity during hurricane season) and second, you should have a GOOD can opener that makes it easy to open the cans. I'm in the 'over 50 crowd' and I was having trouble opening cans with the cheapie can openers that are readily available for sale. They don't last and they rust and break easily. Every home in Bonita Springs should be outfitted with this can opener. It's easy peasy lemon squeezie! I even bought one for The Sprite who at the age of 92 could use an easier can opener for her ‘chicken and stars’ soup. 

You can see the video of the Zyliss can opener in process here: and a link if you’d like to pick one up for your house or your hurricane kit.  Speaking of hurricanes, read also:  this is a list of items that many Bonita Springs residents wished they had at home after Hurricane Irma hit.  Many of us stayed for the storm and learned some practical lessons that you can benefit from. Including get a manual can opener if you’re going to depend upon canned goods. ;-)