Bonita Springs Garage Door Opener Remote

This is an easy-peasy fix to install functioning garage door remote control clickers (transmitter) before you sell your home. As a Bonita Springs listing agent we try to locate the remotes but sometimes they do have to be replaced. It is an easier fix than you think and quite economical.

Bonita Springs Garage Door RemoteBesides owning a home in Bonita Springs, you'll need:

1 make/model number of the motor.

2 color of the program button on the back of the motor.

It's best to take photos. Then search for the correct remote on Amazon. You can also search for a video tutorial of that very specific garage door motor for detailed installation instructions. I promise that it's easy. To program simply click the color button on the motor, then click the garage door opener. When the light flashes it is programmed. It's really that easy!

Amazon can have a garage door opener/remote/transmitter to you in 24-48 hours. Easy, right? Here's a link to the openers I used (two for $14.95) but remember to always double check that the button color on the motor of your opener corresponds to the transmitter you're ordering.

You can watch the video of me explaining the process on our YouTube channel, here:

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