Septic System Bonita Springs

Septic vs. Sewer Systems in Bonita Springs

The Bonita Springs area is a unique area that is mostly deed restricted and gated. There are Bonita Springs homes with septic systems. Locally, there is a large concentration of septic systems in San Carlos Park just a few miles north of Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida. The photo is a screenshot of the homes for sale in Bonita Springs, Estero and Fort Myers homes that are currently for sale with septic systems instead of sewer systems.

In Southwest Florida there are no mandatory septic tank inspections, after initial installation, that require the septic systems to be functioning correctly or not leaking. We do have our home buyers  have a septic inspection and there have been issues found. If a buyer or their real estate agent does not have a septic inspection they would never know if there were issues or contributing to pollution of our waterways and the Gulf of Mexico.

There are a variety of providers who provide sewer inspections.  You can be provided a list from your real estate agent. 

If a home is on septic or even well for water you may be able to contact the local utility to find out if the home can be connected to city sewer. In Bonita Springs contact Bonita Springs Utilities and in Fort Myers contact Lee County Utilities