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July 14, 2015

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report June 2015

Bonita Springs Real Estate Stats

Bonita Springs Real Estate June 2015

 Bonita Springs real estate sales continue at a brisk clip through summer with little inventory build up for our fall return visitors.  The "unit sales" would likely be higher if there was more inventory.  $200,000 and under priced properties are few and far between and they move as fast as lightening.  The $200-400,000 price point accounts for most property sales in the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area.

Short sales and foreclosures remain low in both closed sales and active listings.  Ninety-five percent of all active homes for sale in Bonita Springs are NOT distressed.  We have a stable and healthy real estate market.

Sixty percent of all sales are paid for with cash, followed by conventional mortgages.  There are very few FHA and VA mortgages and little to no owner financing. 

If you would like to learn more about purchasing a home in the Bonita Springs - Estero Florida area contact Chris Griffith at 239-273-7430 via text or email. You can also use the contact button on this website to send an email.

Download the full market report in .pdf form here:  Bonita Springs Real Estate June 2015



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July 14, 2015

The Southwest Florida Military Museum

Military Museum Newspaper Display

The Southwest Florida Military Museum

This summer you can escape the stifling summer heat and the merciless mosquitos by taking a tour of one of the area’s largest and most interesting museums. Just a short trip over the Cape Coral Bridge is the Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library.

Not knowing what to expect when I arrived, I entered the museum and was greeted by a handful of volunteer docents who were eager to direct me through the venue. The museum itself is a little over 30,000 square feet of displays and memorabilia so budget enough time. All of the artifacts that you’ll see have been donated or loaned by the military, government and private collectors.Southwest Florida Military Museum

Every war, from the Revolutionary War through the Afghanistan conflict, plus every branch of the military is represented on premise so there is plenty to discover. I actually went through the venue twice, reversing direction on the second tour so that I didn’t miss anything. Along the way, I asked the docent to point out a few of his favorite displays and artifacts. I was able to discover a few special finds of my own, including articles and photos telling a poignant story of Virginia Moore and her husband Marcus (Sonny) Comer who was killed in battle during World War II. A bracelet engraved with his name and Army serial number, which she had given to him as a token of love, was lost in battle. It in was discovered in a fox hole after nearly 60 years by Lorenzo Maierna, a Belgian police officer, who was searching for war artifacts with a metal detector. Maierna eventually met Moore in Southwest Florida to return the bracelet to her. If you stop by the museum on Tuesdays you may have a chance to meet Virginia Moore as she makes appearances to share the story with visitors.

Another great tale is that of Cher Ami, one of many homing pigeons used to communicate during World War I. Cher Ami was actually shot down but survived to successfully deliver a message that saved the surviving 190 soldiers of the lost battalion in the Battle of the Argonne. The bird was awarded the Croix de Guerre Medal with a palm Oak Leaf Cluster for her heroic actions.

In addition to military memorabilia there are also lifestyle artifacts and keepsakes including a complete vignette of an American kitchen and typical household items circa WWII. Baseball memorabilia, including a signed Joe DiMaggio bat plus other WWII era collectibles can be found sprinkled throughout the museum. It makes for a wonderful trip down memory lane.

There are dozens of great stories to be discovered in the displays at the Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library. Great camaraderie can be had, too. Every Tuesday morning there is a Korean & WWII Veteran's Luncheon where veterans of any war or conflict are welcome to join at 11:30am.

When you visit, keep in mind that admission to the museum is free but you’ll need a couple of dollars to cross the bridge to Cape Coral. The museum is funded by donations which are gladly accepted on site or you can visit their website to learn more or to donate online.

The museum is located at 4820 Leonard St, Cape Coral, Florida slightly less than one mile from the Cape Coral Bridge. Happy Trails and Museums!



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Things to do in Bonita Springs

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July 3, 2015

Bonita Bay Real Estate Market Report May 2015

Bonita Bay Home Sales History

Bonita Bay Home Sales Bonita Springs Fl

Here are the latest and greatest market statistics for Bonita Bay home and condo sale in Bonita Springs, Florida.  There were no short sales or foreclosures during the month of May in Bonita Bay.  Distressed homes in Bonita Bay are a rarity and distressed homes in Bonita Springs, in general, aren't very common, either.  Units sold during the month of May 2015 are down simply because of the low level of inventory of listed properties for sale in Bonita Bay.  When entry level property is listed for sale in Bonita Bay it often sells within days and with multiple offers.

Bonita Bay home sales

About 85% of homes that sold in Bonita Bay during May 2015 were paid for with cash.  The balances of Bonita Bay home sales were financed with conventional loans.  

Bonita Bay Home Sale PricesHomes sales in Bonita Bay under $200,000 is non-existent.  Entry level real estate prices in Bonita Bay begin in the $200-400,000 price.  The $1,000,000 and over price range represented the largest share of home sales in Bonita Bay.  If you are interested in learning more about May 2015 Bonita Springs home sales read also: Bonita Springs Home Sales.

Contact Chris Griffith by phone or text at 239-273-7430 to learn more about buying a home or condo in Bonita Bay.

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June 19, 2015

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report May 2015

 Bonita Springs Home Sales Stats may 2015

Bonita Springs Home Sales Statistics May 2015

May 2015 marks the first time that I have prepared the real estate market stats for Bonita Springs and Estero … with an audience.  I’ve brought a family member on board so I have a little birdie on my shoulder learning the ropes, now. When I was collecting the numbers for the statistics Angela asked my why I prepared market reports.  The short answer was that consumers, both buyers and sellers, need to know the statistics especially in a market where inventory is tight.  Further I explained that if she was trying to help someone buy a home priced under $200,000 it would be important to know that it was only about 20%of our market right now and getting smaller and smaller because the bottom of the real estate market is selling off.  It was about 60% of our market a few years back.Bonita Springs Home Prices

What Price Bonita Springs Homes Sold in May 2015

It's really been interesting to watch the market over the sixteen years that I've been a real estate agent. I know that whether you're a buyer or a seller you need to know the real estate market, inside and out.  The amount of distressed sales; short sales and foreclosures and even the historical data sales data.  How else would a consumer understand whether we are in a buyer or seller market. The truth is in the numbers.

Historical Bonita Springs Sales May 2015

Historical Bonita Springs Sales May 2015

If you're curious about the rate of sales or the actual units sold; is real estate selling?  You'll notice a consistent few years of home and condo sales in Bonita Springs and Estero.  Three consistent years of nearly identical sales rates. We've been going back 11 years so we can include the "boom year" of 2005 for comparison purposes.

Financing Bonita Springs Home Sales

How Bonita Springs Homes Are Financed

Cash remains king in Bonita Springs home and condo sales.  It's slightly lower than it has been in the past few months but part of that could be because of low interest rates combined with an ascending real estate market.  Prices are climbing, the bottom is selling off and those would-be cash buyers are sometimes forced to finance a purchase slightly above their original intended real estate buying budget.

Distressed Real Estate Sales

Bonita Springs Foreclosures & Short Sales

Slightly less than 4% of our real estate market that closed sales was considered distressed. The distressed property, which consists of foreclosures and short sales, improves every day.  Our current, active listings in the MLS indicate that we only have slightly over 4% of our active listings considered to be distressed.  The graphic for the active listings market is below:

Foreclosures in Bonita Springs

If you'd like to download or print the graphs from this real estate market report: Click Here for a .pdf version.

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June 13, 2015

Prairie Pines Preserve | N. Fort Myers, Florida

Prairie Pines Preserve

Things to Do in SWFL Near Bonita Springs

For some reason I always feel like when we go over a bridge we get away, even if it’s just for a little bit. I had a chance to get away with one of my smallest partners in crime, my grandson Aiden. We headed north on 41 and crossed the Caloosahatchee River bridge to tour Prairie Pines Preserve which is a Conservation 2020 land acquisition in North Fort Myers, Florida.

Prairie Pines Preserve PhotosThe shell path at Prairie Pines Preserve is wide and firm and features plaques listing details and information about what can generally be observed nearby. It was a great opportunity to learn about nature plus Aiden was able to flex his reading muscles. We learned about a variety of local plants, wild animals and insects. Since this was an early morning hike we were able to spot fairly fresh footprints left by raccoon, hog and deer. There were even patches of freshly over turned soil left by a sounder of wild hogs that had grubbed their way down the sides trail. One of the highlights of our hike was spotting a rare, red banded hairstreak butterfly, which was patient enough to allow me to get a photo or two before it was gone in a flash.

Prairie Pines is a really large preserve with a total of about 2,700 acres. Since there was a little person with me we only conquered a manageable, half-mile hike which constructed of a packed shell trail with a wooden boardwalk section. On the day that we visited there was an organized, guided walk that we semi-tagged along with. Keeping a seven year old on point proved challenging so we swiftly sent ourselves ahead as scouts for the rest of the group.

Near the marshy area and boardwalk there is a good sized bird blind so naturists can quietly observe and photograph wading birds and critters. The water level is low to non-existent in the winter so the wildlife is completely different in the marsh and which makes this trail worthy of seasonal visits.

If you’re looking for a great beginner hike, the ADA portion of Prairie Pines Preserve has been field tested and proven a great place for a beginners and young people. For those who are more adventurous there are over 18 miles of marked, primitive hiking plus equestrian friendly trails just waiting to be explored. Prairie Pines Preserve is a park offering a wide variety of activities. In addition to hiking it offers a full parking lot with spacing for horse trailers, hitching posts for the horses, restrooms, bike trails, bird watching, horseback riding, geocaching and a picnic area so it’s fun for the whole family.

Prairie Pines Preserve is located at 18400 N. Tamiami Trail, N. Fort Myers, Florida. Fair warning that Google maps weren’t exactly accurate with the address so keep your eyes peeled for the sign on the east side of 41.

Mark your calendars for this December to catch the Conservation 2020 Saturday morning guided walk series which runs through March. The tours are at various parks and preserves and there is no charge to attend. Learn more by visiting their website at

Happy Trails and Boardwalks!



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May 24, 2015

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report April 2015

 Bonita SPrings Home Sales

April 2015 Bonita Springs Real Estate Statistics

Bonita Springs and Estero Florida real estate sale barely felt a bump when tourist season ended this year.  Typically, our snowbirds return north and we have a quiet period but this year the market kept pace, real estate buyers lingered and sales have maintained a consistent pace.

Bonita Springs Real estate Stats

Most sales in Bonita Springs are cash transactions.  About sixty-three percent of sales are  paid for with cash, followed by about thirty-three percent conventional mortgages.

Bonita Springs Home Values

The largest portion of home sale in the Bonita Springs area is the $200-400,000 price range, followed by 200K and under.  The $200,000 and under price range is continually selling off reducing that price point as the bottom of the market sells off.

Closed sales in the month of April showed less than 4% of all sales were foreclosures and only two short sales closed sales.  With rising real estate prices, short sales have diminished simply because many home owners are back “above water”.

Current home and condo listings which are actively for sale show that only about 1% of active listings are considered a short sale, which means that the home owner owes more than the current value of the homes and will have to request debt forgiveness from their lender.  Only 3.4% of active listings are currently forecloses, which means that the lender has already repossessed the real estate.  That leaves 95.5% of the active real estate in Bonita Springs and Estero is equity meaning that there is no bank involvement in the sale.  Great news for the Bonita Springs real estate market.

If you would like more information about the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida home market call or text Chris Griffith 239-273-7430.

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May 10, 2015

Collier County Honor Flight Mission Five 2015

Collier County Honor Flight

Mission Five Collier County Honor Flight

Several months ago I applied to become a guardian for Collier County Honor Flight. If you are not familiar, honor flight is program which honors America’s veterans for their sacrifices by transporting them to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials. My phone rang on a random Thursday in April and I was asked if I had continued interest in going and if I had a particular set of dates available for orientation, training and for the actual flight. After a quick glimpse of the calendar, I was in and paired with my very own veteran, Theodore “Ted” Adams, who I had the good fortune of accompanying to Washington DC.Collier County Honor Flight

Ted served in the Marines (1950-1954) and was decorated with the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Korean Service Medal and Presidential Unit Citation. I learned that at eighty-six years he was the youngest veteran on the flight and one of only three veterans of the Korean War on the flight; the rest of the veterans had served during World War II. One of the WWII Veterans in attendance had celebrated his 101st birthday, just days before!

Everyone gathers at the airport pre-dawn on the day of Honor Flight because there is so much to squeeze into one single day. The mission begins at dark o’clock and returns back to southwest Florida fairly late in the evening. Squeezed into the middle, without a moment to spare, are police escorts from memorial to memorial. It’s quite remarkable to witness the whole operation in motion.

The points of interest we toured included the World War II Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery to witness the changing of the guard, the Korean War Memorial, The Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial. It was an action packed day carefully orchestrated by a team of selfless volunteers who were quite skilled at keeping over one-hundred and fifty people moving in the correct direction at all times.

The memorials are stunning to see in person on any regular day but when you’re surrounded by the company of such great men, sharing harrowing tales of their service it becomes an emotional mixture of inspiration and heart ache. Some stories, so very personal and poignant, had never been told before and likely may not ever be told again. Of course, they’re not my stories to share so let’s just leave it at that.

What I can share is that there were more hands reached out and more pats on the back by passers-by than I had ever seen in my life. One pause at the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial began a steady stream of appreciative tourists who shook Ted’s hand and thanked him for his service. The line began with a Korean couple who spoke no English but motioned in the universal take-a-photo-with-me language, to which Ted obliged. Moments later Ted was circled by teen aged students from Ohio, then California and then Kentucky. Each group was on their respective school trip. Ted had actually retired from the school system having been a teacher, a principal and eventually a superintendent. It was as though they knew that he simply adored students. He was like the Pied Piper of children and held court in front of Lincoln for quite some time.

As the sun began to set on our whirlwind day we returned to the Baltimore airport for the flight home. The final surprise for the veterans was a thunderous crowd of a couple thousand people who had gathered at RSW to welcome them home. For many it was the first welcome home that they had received. Bless the hearts of the May 2nd crowd for toughing it out for an extra few hours, as there were unexpected flight delays. The crowd formed a tunnel that the veterans passed through, which ran the length of the entire terminal to the waiting, curbside motor coaches. It was a proper welcome home to punctuate the day honoring their service and sacrifice to our nation.

If you’d like to participate in the next welcome home, Collier County Honor Flight Mission Six is on June 20, 2015 at RSW in Fort Myers, Fl. You can learn more about Mission Six, becoming a guardian or a veteran on a future flight by visiting There is a video chronical of Mission Five available at

Happy Trails, Boardwalks and Honor Flights



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April 15, 2015

Powell Creek Preserve Fort Myers Florida

Powell Creek Preserve

Powell Creek Preserve Fort Myers Florida

Have you ever heard of a filter marsh? Over the winter of 2015 I picked up on the Conservation 2020 guided walk series and caught a guided walk at Powell Creek Preserve one early Saturday morning. Powell Creek Preserve is a filter marsh located in North Fort Myers. Like many of the Conservation 2020 parks it’s fairly incognito but once you get on site there is plenty to see and experience.

BPowell Creek Preserveesides providing a great wildlife habitat, this filter marsh was created to improve water quality in the creek and downstream bodies of water. As water collects in the filter marsh it slowly travels through a series of wetland ponds which filter the sediment and excess nutrients, toxins and heavy metals along the way. In short, the water is scrubbed in a man-made natural filter built into Powell Creek before it goes downstream into the Caloosahatchee river and out to the gulf.

The filter marsh is only a few years old and already thriving and bustling with nature. The small lakes at Powell are circled by a berm of soil with a sturdy shell base on top. It makes for a wide trail with a firm base so this preserve is suitable for wheels, be it stroller or a mobility scooter. It’s also not more than a mile in circumference so if you take kids they won’t get bored. I’d say that it’s a great beginner hike for the littles.

My first thought after I walked the route was that it would also be a great place to visit to walk or run for measured exercise. It’s almost like a fitness track but with more nature. It’s lined with a variety of trees and wildflowers plus the water plays host to a variety of ducks, wading birds and, one of my favorite little water birds, the coot.

Along the trail you’ll stand a shot at spotting a gopher tortoise or two toward the back. There are several tortoise dens sprinkled through the patches of netted pawpaw.

Parks in North Fort Myers usually offer up different plants and insects than the parks in South Lee County. Two great sightings on this trip there were red winged black birds and a magnificent zebra swallowtail butterfly. Both were not only photogenic but cooperated for a moment or two so I could get a shot with the camera.

If you go, remember that you’ll be driving down Bayshore Road so that means you’ll also be in the area of Ozzie and Harriet stars of the Southwest Florida eagle cam. You can also stop by there and watch the eagles soar, up close and personal. You can even park and join the gallery of photographers on the fence line.

Powell Creek Preserve is located off of Hart Road but I will warn you the Google maps wasn’t exactly accurate so you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the park sign and parking lot on your left. The street address is 15601 Hart Rd, North Fort Myers, Florida 33917. You can learn more about Powell Creek Preserve and other Conservation 2020 parks at

Happy Trails and Boardwalks!


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April 10, 2015

Griffith Becomes Member of The Institute For Luxury Home Marketing


Bonita Springs, Florida, April 11 2015 --  Chris Griffith with Downing Frye Realty recently completed a luxury home marketing training course offered by Realtor Association of Sarasota and Manatee.

The course - which covered such topics as demographics of the affluent, lifestyle segmentation, trends and amenities in today’s luxury home product, and creating a marketing plan for the multimillion dollar property – was taught by Laurie Moore-Moore, President of the Dallas-based Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and author of the book, Rich Buyer, Rich Seller! The Real Estate Agents’ Guide to Marketing Luxury Homes.

“The course is a step towards earning the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist® (CLHMS) designation which The Institute awards internationally to sales professionals who meet performance standards in the upper-tier residential market,” said Moore-Moore. Chris Griffith is an example of a sales associate who works to hone the special skills and competencies necessary to provide exceptional service in the fine homes and estates marketplace.”

Chris Griffith is a platinum, award-winning sales associate who has been in real estate since 1999 and specializes in the Bonita Springs, Florida luxury residential market.  Griffith has also earned and maintains the designations of Certified Residential Specialist, Accredited Buyer’s Representative, Graduate Realtor Institute, Seniors Real Estate Specialists, Certified New Home Specialist and ePro.

“The training provided reinforcement for the marketing plans I currently implement in the upper tier real estate market plus it helped me polish my skills, and provided valuable networking contacts with other agents across the country who specialize in luxury properties,” said Griffith “In addition, I discovered new and creative tools for promoting expensive homes and estates and new resources for finding buyer prospects.  Home buyers and sellers in Bonita Springs will certainly benefit from my new knowledge.”

For insights into the current state of the luxury real estate market, contact Chris Griffith at Downing Frye Realty, Inc. at 239-273-7430 or email 

Contact: Chris Griffith


Downing Frye Realty, Inc.

23421 Walden Center Drive

Bonita Springs, Florida 34134



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April 9, 2015

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report March 2015

The 2015 winter tourism and buying season is winding down slowly. Believe it our not we’re still pending record numbers of sales in the Bonita Springs and Estero Florida area.  Savvy home buyers have come to town and have firmly grasped our market. If they are not the Bonita Springs area when their opportunity arrives in this low inventory market.  Read also: Buying a Bonita Springs Home Long Distance.

Speaking of record real estate sales, we’re still on fire, cash leads the market and our distressed real estate is running low. Here are some of the statistics and market reports for Bonita Springs and Estero Florida home sales.

Bonita Springs Real Estate


Home Sales in Bonita Springs Florida

For those curious about what price homes are selling in Bonita Springs and Estero,  the graph above shows that nearly 73% of homes sold were priced under $400,000. That means if you’re a home buyer in that price range you might have to battle to land a property. Inventory is low and we watch homes come in go in a day, sometimes hours.

Bonita Springs Home Sales


Home Financing in Bonita Springs Florida

If you find you’re battling to get a property and you’ve had a few of them slip through your fingers, here is a graph that shows why.  About 62% of our home sales in Bonita Springs are paid for with cash.  Cash is king and many home sellers and Bonita Springs listing agents guide their sellers to take the cash thereby eliminating the financing contingency and reducing their risk of not closing sale.

graph (3)

Bonita Springs Historical Homes Sales

Even though our numbers are slightly down from last year, it’s still a healthy market and I’ve included sales in 2005 just so that you can compare the recent few years of the market to “the boom year”.  We’re basically level and selling consistently.  Sales continue and our distressed inventory is evaporating.

graph (2)

Distressed Homes Bonita Springs FL

Closed home sales in the Bonita Springs, Estero Florida area last month show that distressed sales were just under 6% of our real estate market.   We’ve had as little as 4% of our market distressed.  Since the bottom is coming up there are fewer short sales because home owners are able to sell and cash flow.

graph (1)

Distressed Homes in Bonita Springs

Our active real estate market indicates less than 3.5% of all real estate listings are “distressed” meaning they are a short sale or a foreclosure.  This is a very healthy real estate market. Not totally healed but it’s in great shape.  Feel free to download this free copy of the graphs above in .pdf form.  

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Report March 2015

If you have questions about buying or selling real estate in the Bonita Springs or Estero Florida market, give Chris a call or send a text message to 239-273-7430.

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