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5 Ways To Give in Bonita Springs Florida

Not sure how to give or be involved in Bonita Springs on a charitable level?  Well, many people aren’t. Recently, I received an message from a friend who was invited to a Facebook fan page for the Project Pinball, a page that supports and promotes a pinball machine rehabilitation project at The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.  He said, “I’m just not into pinball.” I said, “Honey, it’s not about pinball. It’s about little kids with cancer and blood disorders having a distraction from their day to day combat.”  What does a mouse click really cost you?

Some people don’t get it or maybe they haven’t yet developed their benevolence. Maybe they just need to understand that it takes a village.  Everyone can give to charity and sometimes it doesn’t mean opening your wallet or giving hours of time. Sometimes it’s just a mouse click … just a flex of an index finger.

So, if you are wondering how to help or how to get involved in a local, Bonita Springs, Florida charity, here are five easy, low cost ways:

1. Attend and enjoy an event in Bonita Springs. Which event? Pay attention, many of the local events which appear to be “City Events” are created and managed by service organizations such as Bonita Springs Rotary Noon, for example “Taste of Bonita”.

2.  Purchase a few extra items for the Bonita Assistance Office food pantry the next time you go to the grocery store.  Clean out your pantry and donate items you won’t be able to use before their expiration date or those items you may have purchased accidentally.

3.  Volunteer at a local Bonita Springs charitable organization. Many of the local charities operate retail shops or receiving and distribution centers which need manpower. 

4.  “Like” the Facebook fan pages of local Bonita Springs charitable organizations and get involved in the discussion. Knowledge is power so follow them to learn what is going on and what the needs of the community are. It’s free.  Hello? It’s free.  Bonita Assistance, Rotary Club of Bonita Springs Noon.

5.  Donate unused household items to many of the Bonita Springs charitable retail shops for resale. Whether it’s a small kitchen appliance, a sofa, area rug or bedroom set, a local charity will accept it into their storefront and resell or consign the item to fundraise for the charity.