Riverside Park Bonita Springs

Riverside Park and Depot Park Things to Do

At this time (Jan 2016) the downtown Bonita Springs area is in full redevelopment mode and a bit of a mess so it’s not as easy to find parking and access to the park system.  I’d like to recommend you drive to the Depot Park parking lot on Pennsylvania Avenue.  The entrance is right across the street from the Lion’s Club.

Many locals and vacationers visit Riverside Park for festivals or just to walk around however they do not realize that if they were to cross the railroad tracks to the Depot Park section and walk north to Island Park.  The Imperial River splits the two parks and there is a beautiful red footpath bridge that connects the two.  Enormous grandfather oak trees frame the walking paths.  There is even a floating dock in the water.

It’s a great place to walk and it is even pet friendly so you will frequently see a variety of locals who meet up on a regular basis to socialize their dogs.

Looking forward there will be easy access to the park once the redevelopment is complete.  The park is a hub for festivals and activity now and going forward new life will be brought to the downtown area as the infrastructure is completed and new development begins. To learn more about the downtown changes, read also: Downtown Redevelopment in Bonita Springs