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This living website is authored by me, Chris Griffith, a real estate agent in sunny Bonita Springs, Florida.  Some of my favorite pass times are writing, photography and blogging. I’ve found a way to combine all of them at my website

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Some of you may already know me. I’m Chris Griffith. I’m a long time resident of Bonita Springs, a Rotarian and a local real estate agent at Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. in Bonita Springs, Florida.  I've been licensed to sell real estate since 1999.

If you’ve poked around the Internet looking for any local information there’s a good chance you’ve been on my website. I author my own real estate blog located at where I provide daily, no holds barred, updates about real estate and what it’s really like to live in Bonita Springs, Florida.

I’ve authored real estate blogs for a few years now. Since I’d grown tired of the blanket statements about the Bonita Springs real estate market without regard to how local it actually is I took it upon myself to write real, honest to goodness, in your face, this is what is happening within five miles of your home, kind of market coverage. 

Some cubical dwelling, number collector living half way across the country might try to tell you what they think is happening in our local real estate market, but I’m going to tell you exactly what is happening. It’s the truth and every article I write is usually about something that I have personally encountered or experienced during the course of selling real estate on any given day in sunny Southwest Florida.

Certainly, I don’t profess to knowing everything, but what I’ve learned in the thirty years that I’ve lived here and the sixteen-plus years that I’ve been selling real estate in Bonita Springs is openly and freely shared here. I love the Bonita Springs area and I love people so you just might meet a local or two in my articles or even get a restaurant review. I write about what I feel like writing about, what needs to be written about, what people ask me to write about or what people submit to be added. Yes, I take requests and article submissions and announcements.

Writing is my recreation and also an extension of my business.  I proudly wrote the real estate column for Naples Daily News for several years and I’m currently writing about outdoor activities and things to do in Southwest Spotlight magazine. I’m always writing or creating content which is distributed on any number of social media platforms.  In invite you to start following along and seeing what it’s really like to live, work and play in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Feel free to take a tour of the city of Bonita Springs before you turn the page …