Secret Cypress Preserve in Bonita Springs

Things to Do in Bonita Springs, Free Even

For whatever reason, I’ve been fascinated with this secret cypress preserve for years.  It’s located just a couple of hundred feet off of Tamiami Trail.  Thousands of people drive by it every day and don’t even know its there.  I stop and visit it when i pick up or drop off my dry cleaning.

In reality it is a boardwalk that connects two of the Bernwood office complexes, not a city or county park.  The area is a wetland preserve so there is standing water, cypress trees, all sorts of birds and a feeling of being in a park without a big hike involved.

Since there is a boardwalk, if you’re dealing with strollers or folks who have a hard time making it around physically. The walk is short and the path is smooth.  It would probably be walker or wheelchair friendly, too.  It’s perfect if you have little ones with a short attention span or someone who just wants to see a bit of nature without an all day trip to The Sanctuary in Naples.  It’s a 15 minute walk and it’s free.

If you’re thinking of checking it out the easiest way to find it is to look for One Price Dry Cleaners which is located at the middle gate of Pelican Landing in Bonita Springs.  Just before the gate there is a brick building on the left.  It’s behind that building.  Park by the cleaners and you’ll be closest.  Be very quiet and you might see the nesting hawks.  Here’s a map to the boardwalk at 25091 Bernwood Dr, Bonita Springs, Fl  34134.

Map picture