Highest and Best Use

Sometimes the real estate beneath a home is worth much more than the structure.  Highest and best use dictates that another structure would better be suited in the place of a decaying or old home.  If real estate has been rezoned to commercial for example, a significant value jump can take place rendering the buildings obsolete.

Bonita springs Historic

Someone loved this home.   I've admired this home.  I run by it a couple times a week and have call this Bonita Springs home "Pink Door".  I have no doubt that many people loved this home over the span of its many years.  I think each resident added their own touch of paint, too.  I wish I could go inside to see the rest.  I don't know who owned it or where it came from.

In the area of Pennsylvania Ave. and Tennessee Street a Bonita Springs architect named Christian Busk has rescued historic homes that had a wrecking ball headed their way and rehabilitated them.  The area is very pretty with tall trees, a winding stream running though it and it is surrounded by olde Bonita Springs homes.  At this point there are a few homes that are restored and a few in progress.  The Haldeman House, The Nutting House, The Packard House are currently on site and restored or in the process of being restored.  They're absolutely beautiful and worth taking a ride or walk [or run] by.

For more information about the Bonita Springs Historical Society, call (239) 992-6997.

To learn more read about the restoration of these homes: Preservation Online