LBD - My Real Estate Assistant

A little known part of being a real estate agent is checking listings.  This is the face I see on my way out the door.  It usually makes me load him up to go with me. 

When the snowbirds return up north their homes are left empty and sometimes they’re still on the market.  Real estate does sell in the summer - seriously.

Unfortunately, there are people that show real estate that just don’t use as much care as they should.  While most of us believe a home should be cared for just as though it’s our own there are other agents who leave lights on and doors unlocked.  Ridiculous, I know.  The fact that I have to *ask* to make sure lights are off and doors are locked when I set appointments is absurd, but I do it anyway.  Then i go check the property after the fact, anyway.  I mean we go check the property.

I’m pretty lucky that all of my listings are in a small radius sprinkled around Bonita Springs and Estero.  We hit the road after showings to do the check the lights and locks thing.  Sometimes I leave LBD in the car with the air conditioning running.  He’s an excellent guard dog.  Gray hair aside, he’d tear your shoe laces off if you tried to jack my whip.


Sometimes I catch him waiting for me, like really watching.  His eyes are a little blue and fuzzy at this age so it’s an effort to find me.  Sometimes he doesn’t find me so fast.

He doesn’t know I’m watching him here.

LBD Stare Down

He doesn’t know I’m watching him here, either.


Or here either.


He does look happy being a real estate dog, though. This is his pensive look.  I think he’s thinking about how screwed up HVCC is or maybe even about cap and trade.  Maybe I’m way off trying to guess what he’s thinking.  Maybe he’s just thinking about scoring a cookie when we go through the bank drive through after we finish up the real estate rounds.