Real Estate Scam

Real Estate Deed Records Service Bonita Springs Florida

Before you fall for a real estate scam do the research.  Did you know that you are probably going to be mailed a copy of your recorded deed and your title insurance policy several weeks after closing on your Bonita Springs home or condo?  Well, during the shuffle of everything going on with your new real estate purchase you’re probably going to forget … and there are people who are going to leverage your forgetfulness.

You’ll get an official looking letter in the mail telling you that you need to order a deed from “Record Transfer Service” for only $83.  How nice of them to sell you a copy of your deed that may be free or merely a few bucks, if your county doesn’t provide access to records.

If you’re in Lee County (Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers) Florida visit and search for your deed and it’s free to print.  If you are in a different county and don’t know how to access your clerk’s office visit: and you can look up records in any county and have the document mailed to you for a very small fee.  I was able to locate my own deed which was filed with Lee County on – FREE.  I did check and found it there and the cost was $8.25 … most of that was service fee and postage.

So, if you got here by searching for “Record Transfer Service” and wondering if you need to order a deed from them, know that you can get it free or low cost somewhere else.  Save your money!

For the record, there are all sorts of disclaimers that they’re not official but it must be a lucrative game if they keep doing it.  Here is the disclaimers in plain sight that you may not even read thoroughly enough to realize you are not required to order the deed:

Real estate Disclaimer Scam

Companies similar to “Record Transfer Service” also trick business owners into filing their annual corporate report.  So, if you set up a business in Florida, look out for that shady deal too.