Naples Earth Outfitters

Naples, Florida

Last year I was on a "return day" at the Home Expo (now closed) in Naples, Florida.  The house I'm remodeling is getting closer to the end and the "left over" parts are starting to go back.  Every time I tour the Expos plaza there is a truck there that just cracks me up.  The first truck that cracked me up in that plaza was a rolling FSBO advertisement:  Real Estate Fer Sale in Florida.  I ended up running late because I picked up hitchhikers.  I was taking photos in Pelican Landing in Bonita Springs and stumbled upon a couple of ladies and a young girl who had car trouble.  They were hardly a danger so I dropped them off safe at home in Baycrest of Pelican landing, but it put a chink in my time frame.

I pulled in the plaza and had to get to the Expo before 3:30 so I had to pass the truck.  It was there!  On a day when I had my camera, too!  I got in and out of the store in just a few minutes.  My trusted buddy LBD (yes, the dog) was waiting with the A/C running.  We circled the lot to find the truck and it was gone!  I couldn't believe it, denied again!  I made a last ditch effort and swung by another store and there it was, parked in front of the store.  I hopped out and snapped this shot.

I hope you all enjoy their promotional moose truck as much as I do!  I'm sorry I missed it at Christmas, it was decorated appropriately.

Another humorous landmark is:  You Can't Beat Their Bait