Bonita Springs Buyers Agent

The Bonita Springs Real Estate Chain Gang

Yesterday my big, huge, teeth pulling, rock pounding real estate adventure took me on a tour of single family homes with the following criteria:

  • Priced $360,000 and under.
  • Four Bedroom Minimum
  • No Pool
  • No Lake Behind The Home
  • Gated or Deed Restricted Community.
  • Estero Florida area preferred.

We looked at suitable candidates but had to drop at least ½ dozen home from the schedule because the agent didn't return my phone call for an appointment or the tenant in the home wouldn't let us in to see it. If you are a Bonita Springs or Estero property owner with your home for sale you need to know that this happens and causes your homes to not be shown. Not being show = more mortgage payments for you.

The neighborhoods we toured included:

I almost feel like listing the prices in a bullet point lists so readers can play "match game" and draw a line from the "neighborhood name" to the "appropriate price". Prices are all over the board. Some owners are still pricing the homes for what they bought them for, not the price that a buyer is willing to give in this market or even a price they stand a chance of appraising at. On top of that, there were many other issues with which to deal.

Here is a little bit of what my buyers saw yesterday:

  • Drywall Patches by an Amateur. So what is the issue up there in that ceiling?
  • Homes that needed carpet and paint priced more than homes that were new - resales in perfect condition.
  • No power in a bank owned home (over run by ants - wasp nest on the door).
  • A home with a lake behind it, that read "no lake" in the MLS.
  • A home so perfumed up by Glade plug-ins the buyer wondered what they were hiding. My migraine kicked in moments later. Thank you home owner for that parting gift. (By the way, that homeowner or tenant was sleeping on the couch)
  • No directions to the home the buyer ended up liking the most. We almost gave up driving around and then we found it on accident. (hint hint Bella Terra agents and homeowners, your community is too new for GPS so put it in the MLS)

Kudos to the real estate agents that took the time to take photos, give detailed directions past the gate, attach floor plans and disclosures to the MLS report and add visual tours. The buyers of this home are from a northern state. Most of their decision making is being done from the computer in the comfort of their home. Is your home listing ready for my Ohio buyer? Probably not. I just built my fourth visual tour so that a buyer could make a decision.

Can you believe the buyer's agent is now responsible for taking pictures of a listing agent's inventory just to get it sold? I don't mind hard work, but it seems like I'm the only one on this chain gang doing what they are suppose to be doing.