Showing a Bonita Springs Home


Arranging Showings For Bonita Springs Homes & Condos

All listing agents handle showings of their listings differently. The procedure depends upon the needs of the home owner, the occupancy of the home or condo for sale and the type of structure or building that it is.  Long story short that even homes or condos that are difficult to show can have special accommodations made so that they can be accessed and shown effectively.  Some properties have to be listing agent accompany due to circumstances or regulated property access.

When a property is listed for sale in the MLS we use a program called “ShowingTime” to organize the showings.  The buyers agent clicks the ShowingTime icon and schedules their appointment, typically using a one hour window of time.  The system notifies the listing agent of the showing and then she schedules the showing with the tenant or the property owner.  If the property is vacant the system is generally set to “go and show” so that it records the information of the buyer’s agent and immediately approves their requested showing time and emails them the confirmation with any special instructions or gate codes.

Typically, most properties listed by The Griffith Group at Downing Frye have a blue Supra lockbox provided for access.  A key to the residence is closed inside of the key carriage.  The key box can only be accessed by those who are real estate licensees with membership in a local Board of Realtors. Without membership it would be impossible for someone to open the blue key box. Keep in mind that real estate agents are screened and fingerprinted in order to obtain a real estate license, first and foremost. 

The Supra box has software that also screens each agent who accesses it and enters the property. It records who they are, their agency, contact information and the time they entered and exited.  It’s a fairly comprehensive system that not only tracks those who enter the property but it also emails and texts the listing agent, so that they know they have completed the showing (or if they never showed it).

There are ways to use a Supra box to keep a tenant comfortable with and agreeable to showing your home for sale, as well. Periodically, we do have to sell properties which are tenant occupied.  We offer a full tutorial to tenants so that they are cooperative and understand the process prior to listing your property for sale.  We help them understand the process and feel secure about using the system.

Last, we rarely use combination lock boxes due to security issues.  There is no way to track the use or access of them.  Should there be an incident at the residence there is no way to know who may have entered the property.

Bonita Springs Listing AgentIf you would like to learn more about the Supra box technology call or text Chris Griffith at 239-273-7430. Chris is an experienced listing agent in the Bonita Springs, Florida area and a Certified Residential Specialist.