Stir Crazy Coconut Point

Want to have a little fun in the Bonita Springs, Naples or Estero area? Looking for a place to eat or things to do? Then you've got to treat yourself, your family or business associates to a lunch or dinner at Stir Crazy at the Coconut Point Mall. Yes, Stir Crazy is open for lunch, too.

Grand opening night for the Stir Crazy at Coconut Point was Monday August 04, 2008. What a great opening. The restaurant was buzzing with people, media and staff. The Taiko drums were so much fun (loud) and entertaining.

The decor of Stir Crazy is whimsical inside. Have you ever seen 20 foot chopsticks holding a shrimp, suspended from a ceiling? I hadn't either until last Monday night. The restaurant is designed with an open concept. Dining and grill are open so diners can watch the chefs in action. Here's a little secret when you're watching the chefs, about every 15 minutes the chefs hit a gong and the entire wok grill goes up in flames. Quite dynamic!

If you choose to not order from the menu there is a great alternative to the regular menu. The "Market Bar". Basically, if you order the Market Bar you can walk in line quite similar to a salad bar and choose all of the vegetables that you'd like in your stir fry meal. If you're all about broccoli, water chestnuts and maybe a few baby corn, you pick only those to be in your stir fry. You dish it up yourself, choose your sauce, the chef adds chicken, beef or shrimp at your request. Presto! Stir fry like ‘you' want. There isn't another place in Estero or Bonita Springs that offers that.

You just can't beat building your own dinner. You just can't. Here are a few pictures of photos from Stir Crazy that you may enjoy:

Stir Crazy Coconut Point

Coconut Point Stir Crazy

Chef Stir Crazy

Dining at Stir Crazy

Market Bar Stir Crazy