Bonita Springs Real Estate Statistics

Bonita Springs Real Estate Market Update April 2019

We have a family member who uses the term, no great shakes all the time and that sort of sums up our April real estate market in Bonita Springs and Estero.  That doesn’t mean anything bad.  In fact, we have had historically great sales every month of April for the last several years.  We just simply have more of the same going on.  The months of April and May are typically for closing up sales that were made during spring before everyone who is seasonal returns to the north.

The long story short is that about 66% of our sales are priced under $400,000 and most of those sales are paid for in cash.  If you’re worried about securing a home or condo to winter over in the fall of 2019/spring of 2020 know that we are actually in our slow time right now.  We ramp back up in June and many of the home buyers in July, August, September are here specifically because they’re through renting or they simply can’t find a rental due to the fact that home owners are moving into their second homes.

Our summer buyers often have been here before and they fly back to make a purchase. They may have narrowed their search to a neighborhood or two and they dive in and look at what is in their budget and they buy.  If they aren’t able to peel away to tour homes they buy without coming to town.  That’s a scary prospect for some folks but they know the area, know the community, know the floor plan and get to see the home plus have a full inspection they move forward.  It’s rather common due to the advances in technology. Just today, Jerry and I drove to Village Walk after church today so I could make a video walkthrough tour of a Cayman floor plan townhome and give it the “sniff test” to make sure it was just as pretty and clean as the buyers imagined.

If you’d like to learn more about securing a home for next winter give us a call.  Both Angela and I work every day, including evenings and weekends so call/text when it convenient for you. 239-728-7599