Bonita Springs Real Estate

Use a Trusted, Referred Mortgage Broker or Banker

If you’re thinking of looking for real estate in Bonita Springs or you’re in the process of shopping for a home you’re going to come to the crossroads of financing your real estate purchase if you’re not a cash buyer.  Your real estate agent, if they’ve got some experience under their belt, should tell you to use a local, trusted, proven mortgage broker or mortgage banker.

No offence to the great fortresses of darkness out there but the moment a buyer wags a pre-approval from Bank of America or Chase at me, I share with them the last three transactions I’ve have on their super-happy-fun slide.

Like most experienced real estate agents I have a couple of local mortgage brokers I recommend.  They’re recommended because they perform. Period.  They don’t do loosey-goosey preapprovals they get more information and make sure the real estate buyer is coached and ready so that the entire real estate transaction is a success. They are able to follow the entire real estate transaction from beginning to end and intervene if there is a problem or surprise.  Trust me, there are surprises. Getting real estate closed is full of surprises.

Today, I received an email from  one of the mortgage bankers I recommend to clients who were buying a home in Estero, Florida.  Real estate agents understand how beautiful communication is but if you combine great communication with a mortgage broker, angels will sing.

Let me say this, instead of being a hostage to the sad silence of a big bank underwriting department, the buyer of this home knows exactly what is going to happen in the next few days.  That’s the way it’s supposed to be.  I’ve included the email in it’s entirety (with names removed) because I think it’s important for anyone who is going to buy Bonita Springs real estate to know that THIS is why you use a local, trusted mortgage referral when financing real estate.

Good morning [redacted], the following dates represent our next targets which we will champion.


1. March 6th Mortgage Commitment Letter

2. Documents sent for your signature March 12th

3. Signing March 13th   (PLEASE confirm both [redacted] and yourself will be at the same location on the 13th of March to sign in presence of Notary) 

4. Funding upon receipt of signed documents March 14th



Keith Cloak
Branch Manager
AnnieMac Home Mortgage
Phone: (239) 676-3245
Fax: (866) 474-5037
LicenseNMLS 212030

If you’re a buyer of real estate in Bonita Springs or Estero, use a local mortgage broker.  Consider using Keith and feel free to contact me for more recommended of local lenders so you can weigh your options. There are a hand full of tried and true professionals out there who can make your real estate funding dreams come trues and they do it stress free because they’re great communications.

or call Chris at 239-273-7430