Bonita Springs Italian Gourmet Club

Hello Bonita Springs!  Welcome the first guest writer making an announcement on Life In Bonita Springs.  Welcome warmly Marv and his Italian Gourmet Club.  If you're looking for a great way to meet people and break bread with new friends in Bonita Springs - all with a glass of wine consider joining Marv's Italian Gourmet Club.  Marv sounds like he has a sense of humor, too.  Just what Bonita Springs needs! 

Here's what Marv wants you to know:

I am Marv Alpert, not to be confused with the infamous Marv Albert and I am the president of the W.I.G. The Westchester Italian Gourmet Club.  We recently purchased a home in Bonita Springs and would love to start a gourmet club here in the Naples-Bonita Beach area like the one we had in Westchester NY.

We meet every two months in a member's home and cook regional foods of Italy.  We have a lot of fun composing a menu based solely on a specific region of Italy (there are 20).

We have about three couples and the hosting couple invites another couple to attend.  Each couple brings two bottles of wine for the specified region, and prepares one dish for the meal.  Only one of us is really Italian but we all share a passion for Italy and Italian food. Think about It four couples, eight bottles of wine so no wonder every things the meal is great!

Our website is and here s a video I made of one of our dinners :

So if you d like to join our Italian Gourmet Club in Bonita Springs just drop me an email at:

alpert (at)  

If you or your Bonita Springs club would like to make an announcement you're welcome to contribute your announcement by way of email or phone call.  Email or call 239-273-7430