What Makes More Sense Than a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

What makes more sense?  Knowing what you can afford BEFORE looking for real estate ...

Or finding something you want to buy and then hoping that you might be able to get the money or loan for it?

The answer is pretty obvious, but for years consumers have been doing the exact opposite!

Not only is it more sensible to know BEFORE, but more often than not, real estate Agents will not even show property unless the potential Buyer is pre-approved.

No savvy Seller will ever accept an offer to buy without a pre-approval (or proof of assets if it's a cash offer).

I've had people tell me that that is obnoxious, but look at it the other way around. Think like a Seller: which situation sounds better to you - one where the Buyer has proof that they can get the home loan or one in which the Buyer wants 30 days to find a loan after you accept their offer?

It's a no-brainer.

A real pre-approval is only issued if a full loan application is submitted, credit is checked and income and available assets are verified. At that point the results are issued, signed, on the Lender's letterhead.

Some people think that this process could take days, if not weeks, to complete. Not true.

Marc J Blasi

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