The Rates and Risks of Mortgages

When shopping for a mortgage, one can easily become overwhelmed with all the different mortgage programs that are out there: Fixed Rates (FRM),Adjustable Rates (ARM)Hybrids, etc.

The problem that consumers face is "which mortgage is the best?" The answer to this is: the best mortgage program is that program that best suits the individual's needs. But how does one know which is the best, if one is not up on all the different types of mortgages?

Well, let's break mortgages down to their very basic levels: rate and term. Rate is the interest rate that one pays to bank. Rate is determined by risk. Term is the length of time that a loan is paid back. Term is also the length of time that the rate remains fixed (We will call this the rate term). The longer the rate term; the great the risk; the higher the rate.

For more information read: FIXing The Broken ARM by Jason Price

Marc J Blasi

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