5 Tips For Bonita Springs Home Sellers With

Bonita Springs Homes For Sale Under $300,000

If you are going to sell your home and it is priced under $300,000 in the Bonita Springs, Estero, Florida area this is what you need to know. In a recent search of 8 homes for sale in this price point only one had additional information. I have a bonafide, actual home buyer who want to purchase during a pandemic! 

The $300,000 and under price point, while it is a lot of money, is actually considered entry level in Bonita Springs home sales circles. That also sometimes means the homes are older with lower elevations and legacy building codes.  Not that any of the following recommendations are new but they aren’t widely practiced by Bonita Springs Realtors and given the pandemic of COVID19 or the Coronavirus things need to change to both protect home sellers and prospective buyers and minimize risk. 

Our recommendation is that your Bonita Springs listing agent, at minimum should provide these services as part of their marketing proposal.  You did receive some sort of a proposal, right?  We actually provide a list of actual promises so you know that you’re not taking a chance by listing your Bonita Springs home with us.

Here are the 5 must-do’s your Bonita Springs listing agent must provide in the MLS or multiple listing service to Bonita Springs buyers agents.  Why should these real estate services be provided?  So that buyers do not even breach the door until they did the preliminary work to make sure the home is a near perfect fit both in what they are searching for and the ability for it to finance with their loan programs. Not all loan programs fit every home for sale in Bonita Springs, Florida. Here are the must-do items:

1.  Hosted in the supplements of the MLS should be a survey and flood elevation certificate OR information about the rates of the flood insurance policy.  Why?  Because older homes are often lower homes and the sheer cost of the flood policy can be surprising and even put a buyer over their debt to income ratio. It doesn’t matter that a home has never flooded. The fact of the matter is that a lender is going to require a flood insurance policy if it’s in a flood zone.

2.  If the home is wood frame or significantly wood frame a copy of the homeowners policy or past wind mitigation survey to get an accurate quote of future homeowner/windstorm insurance responsibilities.

3. Complete seller’s disclosures of your Bonita Springs home that includes dates of major replacements of systems, appliances and major components such as A/C, hot water tank and  and the roof.  If the property is financing FHA or VA the roof and condition of the home for sale is going to be an underwriting condition in order to close the loan.

4.  Full photos and a visual tour of the property. Bonita Springs home sellers need to show buyers see every nook and cranny.  Bring in the right buyers who love the home and those who aren’t a perfect fit will move on to the next home . You’ll actually increase the traffic of the most qualified buyers and safe time for yourself and buyers who might be able to see it online and realize it isn’t the home for them.  Wouldn’t you rather show your home to 5 perfect buyers than 20 buyers who weren’t the right buyer?

5.  The majority of homes for sale outside of gates such as those in Heitmans, Nuttinglikit Grove, Sandy Hollow and more do not have floor plans readily available. For about $100 and sometimes even less, your Bonita Springs listing agent should order a floor plan to be made for your property. Let potential home buyers see the floor plan and flow as part of their visual tour and research.  Their buyer’s agent also knows what they are looking for so if there isn’t a great room but a living/family room set up they can explain that in advance and determine whether they should see it or not. 

There are so many tools in this day and age of showing homes in Bonita Springs. There are many more tools than this but this is what we consider a must-do and not terribly difficult or expensive. An experienced, professional listing agent will use all of the tools to sell your home in the fastest amount of time, with the least amount of hassle … including reducing you, the home owner, to exposure to unnecessary visitors and their germs.

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