April 25, 2008

The Lure of Bonita Shores - Bonita Springs, Florida

Bonita Shores Lure Mailbox

Homes in Bonita Shores Bonita Springs

This mailbox was spotted in front of a home in Bonita Shores. If you don't know where Bonita Shores of Bonita Springs is, it's that small part of Bonita Springs on the Southwest corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Bonita Beach Road. Besides the neighborhood of Barefoot Beach, Bonita Shores is the only part of Bonita Springs that is technically located in Collier County. So yes, there is real estate in Bonita Springs with a Collier County tax.

Bonita Shores is number streets; 1st Street, 2nd Street, etc. and a few cross streets with the name "valley" in them, which is odd because we don't have a valley in this entire village. I have run every street in the Bonita Shores and I‘ve never seen a valley. Homes in Bonita Shores are sometimes older - built in the 50's through the decades to date.  There are still a few vacant lots in Bonita Shores.  Besides enjoying close proximity to the beach, home owners in Bonita Shores have the option of purchasing annual use of a boat ramp on Third Street.  Even land locked you can have gulf access.

Bonita Shores Bonita Springs Florida

When you get that close to the beach you have to suspect it was developed long ago. Many homes have been updated and remodeled, but some have not, so if you're looking for a remodel project, Bonita Shores might be the place to find it. The end result will be a cute little beach community bungalow within biking or walking distance to Bonita Beach, shopping, dining and many other conveniences.

The community isn't deed restricted so you will get a mix of mailboxes, none of that boring uniformity of gated communities. There are more than enough fish mailboxes, I might add.

To learn more about real estate for sale in Bonita Shores contact us today.

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