Homes in Plan of Riverside

Here you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the mailbox of the week in lovely downtown Bonita Springs Florida  soon to be known as the Historic River District of Downtown Bonita Springs, Florida.  I stumbled onto it driving through an area called "The Plan of Riverside" in the legal description. The "legals" if you will. You find the Plan of Riverside and this mailbox by following West Terry Street almost to the railroad tracks and turning on the streets just west of the tracks.

Little do many people in the area know that the railroad was the big business in Bonita Springs, back in the day and prime Bonita Springs real estate. Supplies were shipped in and produce was shipped out on rail. If you drive The Plan of Riverside by the railroad tracks just off of Terry Street, Pennsylvania, Dean and especially Front Street you'll see charming little cottages and bungalows that were built to service the rail, as well as employees and tourists. The Liles hotel is at Riverside Park and the cottages were built as one of the tourist destinations in the area called Plan of Riverside. Plan of Riverside is similar to Nuttinglikit Grove across the street from the Lyons Club and packed full of Olde Florida Homes. It's a fun way to spend the day on bike or just to ride around in the car and see a little glimpse from the past in Bonita Springs.

The benefit of living in The Plan of Riverside would be the fact that you get an original, one of a kind home, just ten to fifteen minutes to the beach and there are no homeowner association dues. The Plan of Riverside isn't deed restricted but protected by code enforcement of Bonita Springs.

Enjoy having your boat or R.V. in your driveway or yard. The library, community center and Bonita Springs Elementary School are a short walk away from The Plan of Riverside.

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