Imperial Shores Homes – Bonita Beach

Here’s the thing about getting a home close to the beach.  The closer one looks toward the water the higher the price of the home.  About a mile away from the beach on either side of Bonita Beach Road is Bonita Shores on the south side and Imperial Shores on the north side.

The biggest difference between Imperial Shores and Bonita Shores is the county line.  Imperial Shores is in Lee County and Bonita Shores is in Collier County.

Imperial Shores consists of a variety of house style and varies in real estate zoning.  There are single family homes, single family homes on canals with gulf access, homes on the Imperial River and duplex and multi-family properties.

Because the beach is a big draw to the Bonita Springs area, as one can imagine, a good portion of this area was developed first.  Development of real estate continued over that past four or five decades so there is a span of ages amongst existing homes in Imperial Shores.

While there are some oversized and even pie shaped lots in the area there are many lots that are narrow simply because Bonita Springs was once a fishing village and the land was subdivided years ago before the great American “bigger is better” mentality.  Also, Bonita Springs and Imperial Shores was more of a seasonal, winter getaway location so larger homes simply weren’t practical.

There are a few vacant lots remaining in Imperial Shores.  Lot owners can build to suit without deed restrictions.

Existing home vary in size from small fishing cottages built in the ‘50’s to newer, more modern multi-story homes.  Naturally, with homes of such varying sizes, prices vary from just under $200,00 to over $1,000,000.  The one thing all of the homes in Imperial Shores have in common is the close proximity to the beach.  A bike ride to Bonita Beach is about 10 minutes away, walking is about 20 minutes away.

Newest Imperial Shores Homes