Tuesday Evening at Lakes of San Souci

Lakes of San Souci MailboxSince I didn't receive any protest email or notes of concern I suppose nobody noticed that I missed last Friday's mailbox.  Was I out of ideas? No.  Is there a creative mailbox embargo?  No.  I've been going through a crisis.  My laptop, my bestest friend is dying.  I've been holding it's hand and praying for several weeks.

Don't get me wrong she's been good to me.  I've had to have three keyboard transplants, hard drive transplant and numerous doctor visits over the years.  I'm showing 11 pixel lines and the battery is toasterooni, so it is time.

Yesterday I called Randy at Platinum Coast Technology and he's able to hook me up with XP on a laptop so I'm going in for a test drive this afternoon.  I feel like such a cad typing this on "Dell-lila".  (No offense Dell-lila but your creators need to work on having a hard drive last more than 366 days and this is the *first* time I've ever worn out a keyboard ... ever). So this may be my last hoorah on this laptop, a mailbox post from Lakes of San Souci.

Many, many moons ago I owned a waterfront lot at the Lake of San Souci.  By happenstance someone asked me if I'd like to sell and I did.  They've built a lovely home on the site.

I'm not sure how many acres the Lake of San Souci is  but it's big, maybe 20 acres.  There is a lone street that semi-cirlces the lake; Lake Shalimar Drive and Rue de Paix that runs along the west side.  All of the homes at Lakes of San Souci are deed restricted but it's a very laid back neighborhood with mild restrictions. So mild, the HOA fees are only $100 per year.

I stopped by the Lakes of San Souci a few days ago in the evening.  The sky was hot pink.   A couple of kids were fishing in the lake.  It looked like a story book.  I snapped a picture of a mailbox and the sky for you.

If you’re interested in purchasing a waterfront home at Lakes of San Souci contact Chris 239-273-7430.

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