Carolands Luxury Waterfront Homes

One of the things a real estate agent does is preview real estate for their clients, maybe just do a drive by to see a neighborhood and such.  I drove through the Carolands of Bonita Springs to check out a home that I’d be showing on the weekend and on my way out of the area I passed this darling little piece of real estate.

To be honest, it was the sidewalk that got me to throw my car in reverse.  There aren’t many like it … just a few in the area that I’ve ever seen.  Well, while I was kneeling on the sidewalk taking pictures of rocks and grass which does not belong to me, the owner came out.  To my relief it was just to say hello and not to yell at the crazy woman trespassing kneeling on the sidewalk.

This isn’t the first home that distracted me.  Read also: That Little House With Awnings

I made the trip up the stairs to say hello and compliment him on his fabulous home site.  This home site rivals those in many of the luxury communities in Bonita Springs and even Naples, for that matter.  I’ve not even seen the attention to detail in Barefoot Beach, The Colony or Bonita Bay, our Mecca's for high end real estate.

I’m officially declaring this the “Most Outstanding Home in Bonita Springs, Florida 2011” and I haven’t even stepped foot in the door of this fabulous Carolands Home.  I don’t think my mind could take the interior because it nearly couldn’t handle the outside.  There wasn’t a blade of grass out of place that wasn’t just the right shade of green.  This photo has not been enhance, no power lines were buffed out, no dead grass was filled in.  It’s 100% real, unretouched.

Map picture

The Carolands offers one of the few areas in Bonita Springs where homes have wide open views of our back bay, the intracoastal waterway, if you will.  So the view in the back of this home is ridiculously gorgeous, too.  Plus, the Carolands on McLaughlin Drive is within walking distance of Bonita Beach since it’s located right off of Hickory Boulevard.

Don’t get all excited, this home is not for sale, I’m not advertising it for sale I am just a secret admirer of what an excellent job the owners of this fine home did when they had it custom built.

… and technically, since there was a mailbox in the picture I decided to use it in the series.  If you’re wondering where The Carolands is located in Bonita Springs, just click the map.

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