Gulf access homes for sale in Bonita Springs Floria

Gulf access homes for sale in Bonita Springs, Florida

Living the dream in Southwest Florida very often includes boating, fishing and paddle recreation.  The crème de la crème of enjoying water sports is owning a gulf access home in Bonita Springs. As a matter of fact, the nickname of the city of Bonita Springs is “The Gateway to The Gulf”.

Bonita Springs features a variety of waterways that include the Imperial River and tributaries such as Oak Creek, Leitner Creek, Spring Creek and a few tidal influenced waterways. What makes each of these waterways different to boaters and water enthusiasts is the location or proximity to the gulf, the width of  the water way and the depth of the water.  All of these factors also contribute to the value of a gulf access home. Naturally, the deeper the water, the bigger the boat so the bigger the boat, the bigger and more luxurious the home.  To generalize, the closer a waterfront home is the the Gulf of Mexico the higher the price tag. Many of the homes on wider, deeper water are considered luxury real estate. Many of the homes on smaller tributaries may still read gulf access in the MLS but they are only suitable for paddle craft; kayak, canoe, paddleboard.  They price tag would be considerably lower than homes near the Gulf.

There are a variety of gulf access canals off of the Imperial River and Spring Creek.  The canals offer boaters gulf access from their own homes.  Many of the canal homes have boat docks, boat lifts and davits so that vessels can be raised and lowered into the water. The size of the boat is generally limited by the width and depth of the waterway.

Bonita Springs is not a yachting or sailing community. Many boaters in Bonita Springs use pontoon boats, center console fishing boats and pleasure boats.

The most coveted of all gulf access homes is bay front living. At the west end of the Imperial River are Hickory Bay, Fishtrap Bay, Estero Bay. Some may refer to the bays as an intracoastal waterway.  Bay front homes offer the widest views of water, the fastest access to the Gulf of Mexico and some of the most popular luxury homes in Bonita Springs.

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