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Peddling All Over Bonita Springs

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27310 Old 41 Rd, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Once upon a time I ran every mean street in Bonita Springs.  With age comes wisdom so after years of talking about it for the longest time I finally manned up and bought a bike.

My biking adventure included Jerry getting a bike, too. Our first swipe at bike shopping took place at Target at Coconut Point.  My brilliant idea included selecting bikes and riding them home … which is only five miles away from the mall. At the time we had quite a winter storm front winding up so as we walked into the store, leaning at a forty-five degree angle, we determined that “today might not be the day” to get the bikes.

As we looked at the big box bikes I suggested that we also go visit Engel’s bike store before we take the plunge and I am glad I did.  Long story short, Craig at Engel’s talked to me a little bit about what we were looking for in a bike which included the words, non-competitive riding, safety, stable, easy riding. We ended up with a couple of Fiji, seven speed cruiser bikes.  The quality and lightness of the bikes at Engel’s Bike Store makes them peddle circles around the big box store production bikes.

We chose two bikes, ordered a couple of bike bells plus a front basket so that Dillon could ride along.  Within about thirty minutes we were on our way. We cut through Island Park, through the Plan of Riverside on Riverside Drive and we were back in Brendan Cove in about 15 minutes.  No accidents, which is quite an accomplishment since it had been years since either of us rode a bike.  It was cold and the sun was going down so the bikes were parked in the garage for another day.  We’re looking forward to biking all over Bonita Springs!

If you’re looking for expert advise when purchasing a bike visit Engel’s bikes.  It was totally worth comparing! A bike purchased there also includes lifetime service which is perfect for people like me, with little skill and few tools!  See you around Bonita!