June 19, 2009

City of Bonita Springs Island Park Foot Path


Top Secret Park Entry on Riverside Drive

Everyone knows how to get to Riverside Park from Old 41 or Pennsylvania Avenue.  Did you know there is a secret foot path from South Riverside Drive just off of West Terry Street?  Well, there is.  This is how you find it … if you know where South Riverside Drive is look for that tree up above.  If you don’t know where South Riverside Drive is here is a map.

Map picture

Across the street from that cool Wizard of Oz tree is this sign and walk way.  It’s a WALK way.  There is no parking lot.  You should probably be walking or at the most on a bike.  No cars.IMG_0123

Here’s a closer look at that sign:


After you go through the entry you get to walk by a very pretty garden that a private home owner keeps.  No touchie!  He’s a very nice man, by the way, and told me all about the owls that live back in the park.  You should probably look for owls back there, by the way.  A dozen yards in you’ll see this: 


Half way over the bridge look to your right and you’ll see this:


If you want to see the rest of Riverside and Island Parks in greater down town Olde Bonita Springs, Florida you’ll have to take a walk back there yourself.  The park is free, by the way, so it would be a great thing to do with your family.    If you’re looking for things to do in Bonita Springs take a Frisbee or something and enjoy the parks that are sitting there waiting.

Check out the park I “enjoyed” last week [sarcasm]:

Estero Bay Preserve State Park | Estero Florida

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