Luxury Homes & Trophy Properties Bonita Springs Fl

Trophy & Luxury Properties in Bonita Springs FloridaTrophy properties or trophy homes are properties that are extremely unique to an area or specifically unique in pricing. I was speaking with a real estate agent I know who is in the Tampa area and we were talking about trophy homes and what type of pricing we have in our area relative to others. This morning I looked up what the pricing was for luxury homes and luxury condos in Bonita Springs that would be considered trophy.

Todays current listings would be indicative of what would be unique to the area and considered luxury real estate or a trophy home.  Those homes on Bonita Beach, Barefoot Beach always rank in the top prices and location.  At the time of this writing Q4 2022 are $5M and over.  The home on Bonita Beach was NOT on the gulf side of Hickory Blvd but on the bay side.  The home in Barefoot was on the “I” Inagua street and would be positioned third off of the Gulf of Mexico!

Other notable  properties in the top ten include high rise condos in Altaira at The Colony, Saltleaf at The Ritz Carlton Residences, Bayfront Gardens at Barefoot Beach and Seaglass at Bonita Bay.

The one thing that these properties have in common is proximity or view of the Gulf of Mexico.  They are all new or newer luxury properties. The properties in The Colony and in Bonita Bay off the Gulf and Country Club lifestyle in addition to the view.  These communities are also amongst a few exclusive neighborhoods in Bonita Springs with private beach parks for residents.

Bonita Springs luxury properties almost seem like a bargain compared to Naples luxury sales which at this time begin at about $25M and exceed $35M.

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