Bonita Springs Snow Birds Become Sun Birds

A significant lifestyle shift has occurred in American culture and Bonita Springs has felt the evolution of the boomer population.  Our Bonita Springs ‘snow bird’ population has shifted from snowbirds to sunbirds.  So what is a sunbird?  Sunbirds are seasonal residents who were former snowbirds but have actually flipped their migration pattern. They have relocated to Bonita Springs from all over the country and officially declaring residency - purchasing a primary residence rather than a second home or seasonal rental.

Bonita Springs Sun BirdDomiciling in Florida has existed as a means of reducing tax liabilities for decades, and the infamous 183 days or six months and a day, is a necessary legality for that to occur. 

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Yet the more recent explosion of sunbirds is driven by lifestyle choice, with the desire to enjoy all the benefits of living in the Bonita Springs climate most of the year. They only venturing up north during the heat of summer. This movement has been amplified by COVID due to Florida remaining open while many northern states have severely restricted residence, forcing businesses to remain closed and schools to teach remotely.  It made Bonita Springs, Florida the easy choice for an enjoyable lifestyle.

The sunbird’s residence up north often remains a cottage on a lake, their motor coach or an apartment/basement room or cottage in or on premise of a family members home. In different times, the ability to travel abroad for one or two months or embark on an extended cruise were popular options but  in today’s COVID environment travel has been curtailed. 

This change in lifestyle and declaring residency in Bonita Springs has also contributed to the extremely low inventory of homes for sale in Bonita Springs in spring of 2021 through summer 2021.

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