Establishing Bonita Springs Florida Residency | Domicile

If you are considering moving toBonita Springs and buying to establish a Florida residence you may have to also file declaration of domicile.

Declaration of domicile is an affidavit attesting to Florida residency. Declaration of domicile is useful when three legal forms of Florida residency are required (such as filing for Florida homestead exemption taxes), or for providing residency in determining what State(s) can access state income and death taxes, and which States' courts supervise the settlement of your estate, or for proving residency to colleges and schools. Declaration of domicile can be filed at the Lee County clerk of courts:

Declaration of Domicile
Lee County Clerk of Courts
County Administration Bldg. - 2nd Floor
2115 Second Street, Fort Myers, FL
(239) 533-5000





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