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Monitoring Listing Agent Marketing

There is a high price for home listing errors but some home sellers do not realize they’re paying the price for inaccuracy, complacency or inexperience.  Recently, I had a buyer contact me regarding a specific type of condo – bundled golf.  It’s sort of an important differentiator of real estate because it comes with an ongoing  financial obligation for a golf membership.

This particular condo buyer’s search criteria was for a ground floor condo, bundled golf, under $200,000 in Bonita Springs or Estero.  As an agent, I searched the system for just those three items and emailed them to the customer.  She emailed me back and asked where the rest of the listings were in one of the communities.  It doesn’t matter if it was in Pelican Sound, Spring Run or Worthington.  When I searched community by name, the listings appeared but didn’t when I searched for bundled golf.  It’s really a huge mistake to leave out of marketing a listing.

Hiring a listing agent is quite a daunting task for some folks but I can tell you that this is one business decision you want to make sure you do well.  The first job of a listing agent is to filter and focus the potential buyers before they breach the threshold of your home.  Without having the term “bundled golf” in the listing criteria it means that there are unqualified, non-golfers touring the home.  They will be the sort of people who won’t want to toss $6,000 yearly for golf out the door.    Second, buyer’s agents who are looking specifically for bundled golf won’t find the listings at all because the wrong terms were omitted.

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