Post Closing Scam Real EState

After The Sale of Your Bonita Springs Home or Condo

There are a few events that occur after closing that some home sellers do not think of.  First, the home seller will turn over all keys and amenity fobs to the new owner. You may find something relevant or important, post closing, that you would like to share with the buyer so contact your listing agent to have them deliver it to the buyer for you. 

The title company or real estate attorney will be wiring proceeds from your sale to you. Due to fraud most title companies will only wire funds so you will need to provide your account numbers and routing numbers to them prior to closing.

The title company will send you all of the completed documents by email and/or snail mail.  You or your listing agent will need to send a copy of the closing papers or settlement statement to your insurance company to cancel the homeowner and/or flood insurance policy. You may need it to cancel utilities in some circumstances.  Last, your CPA will need the settlement statement for your tax return so keep it handy.

There is always something new on the horizon and most listing agents can’t keep up with the latest scams so here is the best advice for any home seller or even a home buyer: Should you receive any correspondence that requests money or reads that you have to order something or pay something back that involved the home sale,  contact your listing agent before any money leaves your hands.  The title companies have made sure that all of the accounts related to the home were closed, bills were paid, liens were released. It is their job and they rarely make a mistake.

Just remember that there are all sorts of things fraudsters try to do to separate good people from their hard earned money so remember to always ask the listing agent to double check whatever it is before you send any money, wire or give gift card numbers.  For example, read also: Record Transfer Service – Real Estate Scam or Not?

If you have pointed questions about what to expect after you sell your home contact Chris Griffith at 239-273-7430. Chris is an experienced listing agent in the Bonita Springs, Florida area  and Certified Residential Specialist.