Bonita Springs Closing Documents

Real Estate Closing Stress in Bonita Springs Fl

This is going to be blunt. A home seller eventually has to sign the closing documents for the sale of their home. It doesn’t have to be signed on the day of closing.  While I am a Bonita Springs listing agent I was recently a hired as a buyer’s agent for a home purchase Bonita Springs, Florida near Palmira.  The home seller was downsizing and moving on.  I don’t know much about her but I do know that she had become a widow and I wasn’t sure how recently that had happened.

Selling a home is really difficult for some people.  There is a lot of de-cluttering, parting with of memories and packing … the change is hard for most people but when you add to that any other life changing event it becomes more emotional, more draining.  No matter how permanent it feels, death and divorce are not final until the real estate is sold.

On the day of closing I walked through the doors of the title company and saw a woman in the waiting room.  I introduced myself and the buyer to her and asked how she was doing.  She said that she was fine but about to throw up.  This was unfortunate. My first thought for her was, why does the listing agent have her at the closing or even signing on the day of closing?  It’s like rubbing salt in her invisible, yet raw, wounds. The pain on her face stuck with me the whole day and, in fact, weeks later I have thought about it from time to time.

This lovely woman could and should have signed her closing documents days, even weeks in advance. She could have been spared the dramatics of physically walking into the closing, even meeting the buyer if she didn’t want to meet them.

The purpose of sharing this with you is to make sure that you, as a home seller, understand that if the act of selling your home is painful, unsettling, embarrassing due to finances or just plain scary, for whatever reason, you need to ask your listing agent, real estate attorney or closing agent at the title company to schedule you *before* the closing date. That way, on the actual day of closing you can take care of you.  You can take care of your own life and move and not be stressed by the theatrics of a closing.  The closing agent will call you after the buyer has signed and their wire of cash has arrived or their mortgage has funded. They will then disburse the keys.  There is no benefit to anyone by you physically attending closing especially if this is a painful experience.

The majority of home buyers and home home sellers in Bonita Springs are not even at closing because this is a destination location and they are seasonal residents.  It makes no sense and it is almost cruel to have a home seller completely stressed, wringing their hands in the waiting room of a title company and then have her nearly physically becoming sick because of event. 

Home sellers, ask to sign your documents early!  It can easily be done and it doesn’t cost any more to do so.