Proper Pricing When Buying or Selling Bonita Springs Florida

There are only two units for sale in this subdivision of Pelican Landing. What does that mean to you as a home buyer? What does that mean to you as a home seller?

Today I researched a property for condo owner in Pelican Landing who is considering moving to a villa. There are only two homes for sale in the Baycrest area where they are looking. The two homes for sale have been on the real estate market for over seventy-five days.

Proper Pricing When Buying or Selling in Bonita Springs Florida Real Estate & Realtor

Absorption Rate: I quickly threw some calculations together and determined that there are eight months of inventory. That is how misleading it is to assume that few properties for sale in one area equates to low inventory. The long story short is that sometimes there are better, newer, more storm compliant, more insurance friendly properties somewhere nearby and that is why these properties are moving so slowly. This doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the properties for sale. It simply means home buyers have so more choices right now. The choices have also removed the urgency for them to purchase.  Buyers have time to comb the real estate market for the perfect property, not just what ever comes along. That perfect property may actually be a new construction home or something newer because these class of buyer also doesn’t care to remodel a home.

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