Centennial Park Playground Fort Myers

Playground at Centennial Park Fort Myers | 217/365 Things to Do

Summer is winding down and there are only a few dog days of summer, free days for kids left. If you’re looking for fun things to do with them until you turn them over to the daily grind of school consider a trip to downtown Fort Myers River District and visit Centennial Park. There are swing sets and a playground on site.  Centennial Park itself sits on the Caloosahatchee River and offers open space to play plus there is a walking path that runs along side the river headed east. 

When you’re done playing and walking you can grab a slice of pizza at DHOP the Downtown House of Pizza.  Read also: Grab a Slice at DHOP Fort Myers River District | 190/365 Things to Do

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates are just around the corner so if you’re up for a touristy detour you can stop at those places or just drive the scenic McGregor Parkway and see why Fort Myers has earned the nick name “The City of Palms”.