City of Palms Fort Myers Florida

McGregor Palms Fort Myers Florida | 175/365 Things to Do

The Ford and Edison Estates are on McGregor Blvd. in Fort Myers, Florida ... the City of Palms. The estates are on two of the most picturesque real estate parcels in the area overlooking the Caloosahatchee River.  Purchased and built when gulf access was more for commerce than recreation. 

Did you know that Thomas Edison was the financial push behind the royal palm row on McGregor Blvd. in Fort Myers?  He financed the trees a few times as the first shipment of trees from Cuba died when there was a yellow fever outbreak that delayed delivery. Then there were trees finally planted on McGregor and after caring for them for two years Edison turned them over to the city then many of them died. Finally, he purchased and installed hundreds more and, under the direction of a newly formed parks commission, they were kept alive and flourished.

The tree lined boulevard really does set the area apart from any other.  It’s regal and distinguished and the real estate in the area is not only prestigious but it offers some of the finest riverfront property in the area with deep water access. 

If you’re looking for interesting things to do a drive down McGregor Blvd. is not only scenic but historic.  There are great restaurants in Downtown Fort Myers and you can even stop at Centennial Park for a nice walk.