The Banyan Tree Bonita Springs

Picnic at the Historic Banyan Tree 141/365 Things to Do

Located in Downtown Bonita Springs, Florida is one of the SWFL area’s historic trees.   The tree is now protected so climbing on it is not permitted. Back in the day, however, the Griffith twins spent a fair share of time climbing The Banyan Tree.  I recall my daughter climbing to the end of one of the long, thick branches that grow parallel to the ground.  Nearing the end of the branch both she and a squirrel realized someone was in the other’s way.  The squirrel made a bold move to run past her on the limb.  Though she was easily ten feet off the ground my daughter jumped and gambled that I would catch her, which I did.

The Banyan Tree is now a protected tree and climbing is not permitted.  It is located on the corner of Old 41 Road and Reynolds Street, across the street from the band shell at Riverside Park.

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