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Should Your Bonita Springs Home Listing Be Open

Just because a home is for sale doesn’t bean an open house is the best way to market it.  When I list property, whether it is a home or condo, in the Bonita Springs or Estero area frequently I am asked by the seller if there will be any open houses.  The answer is … maybe. 

Open houses in Bonita Springs are not always the most effective way to market a home listing in Bonita Springs.  Depending upon the price point of your home listing, finding a buyer may not be the challenge.  Getting the listed property closed after the contract could be the challenge.  Being clear on where the struggle is going to take place can help set expectations so there won’t be surprises down the road.   I’ve been a Bonita Springs listing agent for over sixteen years (as of September 2015) and just last week was shown a whole new way to be blind sided in underwriting.  Like I said, sometimes the real battle isn’t getting the home or listing under contract … it’s getting it past the surprises that the lenders and title companies discover after the fact.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are listed properties that are a challenge to get into, communities so secure that a broker open or an open house can help bring in a suitable buyer.  The odds, however, are that a home sale will occur but for another property, not the open house property. The majority of buyers who attend open house are either curious and wandering or not “qualified”. They’ve not been screened by an experienced buyer’s agent to verify that they can afford the property nor has their credit been screened to verify that they either have the funds or can qualify for a mortgage. 

There also is another factor to consider; safety.  Those folks who come into an open house may not have the best intentions.  Let us remember that if they are not working with a buyer’s agent nobody really knows who they are.  A veritable stranger is walking through your home listing and very well could be tabulating what you own and if the listed home is vacant or occupied.  Are there groceries in the fridge?  Are there only women’s clothing in the closet?  Those are the tell-tale signs that a home is not occupied. Someone with less than the best intensions could use that to their advantage.

One of the best solutions for finding the answer to “should I have an open house in Bonita Springs” is to ask your real estate agent, the listing agent or potential listing agent (if you are interviewing).  We often are actually buying or selling are own real estate an can tell you whether or not we will or have had an open house in our own real estate.  Recently, I sold an investment property outside of the Bonita Springs area. I hired a listing agent to do the job and requested no open houses.  The home was vacant. There was no clothing in the closets, no food in the fridge and it would only advertise to anyone who toured the home that it was vacant.  The home was priced correctly and under contract in about thirty days … and surprise, the challenges to closing the property were far greater than getting it under contract.

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