Gopher Tortoise Bonita Springs

Locate Gopher Tortoises in Bonita Springs 57/365

You may not realize it but there are many locations where the protected gopher tortoises live around the Bonita Springs, Florida area.  If you’re from outside of the area, simply love tortoises or you have little people you’d like to teach about nature we can point you in the direction of tortoises.

First and foremost, you should not touch them or their burrows. After all, they are protected and doing so could carry a monetary fine. The gopher tortoises burrow under ground and they are vegetarian so you see them in the day time munching on grass and  weeds. As the sun sets they are usually back in their burrows.

In the Bonita Springs area you can easily see a gopher tortoise in the following locations of Bonita Nature Place, Barefoot Beach Preserve Park, Estero Bay Preserve State Park at the end of Broadway in Estero and along the power line easement in the are of Bonita Farms which is at the cross street of Holly Drive and West Terry Street.

Gopher tortoises do not swim.  They are land roamers and their habitat also provides homes to other animals and reptiles, particularly in the event of a forest fire.

If you have little people to entertain this is one of the fun, free things to do in the Bonita Springs area. It is a great learning experience and a way to get them out of the house.