Life In Bonita Springs

Southwest Florida Kids at Bonita Beach FL

When I was looking for a photo of Bonita Springs to share with you today, I found this photo. There are a few things I want to let you know about living in Bonita Springs and capturing photos and memories while living here on the Gulf of Mexico.

First and foremost, you have to get there to make the memory.  Many of us locals, those who live in Bonita Springs and Estero, forget to go to the beach.  Can you believe it?  I would have never thought it myself but we eventually take it for granted.  I have lived in Bonita Springs for about thirty years and months go by without me seeing the beach, sometimes.

Second, you have to “get the shot”.  While I do carry professional camera equipment sometimes, the best shots are the shots you just simply take the moment to capture.  This Bonita Beach sunset with one of my favorite subjects, my grandson Aiden, was taken with an Android cell phone.  Many of my photos are now taken with a cell phone partly because it is handy .  It’s about the composition and luck, of course.  I do not use or even own photo shop.

Third, send the photos to Walgreens online or one of your other processing stores and get that memory framed.  If you don’t do it it’s going to shrivel on a hard drive or get lost on the internet. 

Enjoy southwest Florida and take lots of pictures.  This photo was taken at Bonita Beach access #10 across the street from Bay Park North and Big Hickory Grille.