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Downtown Coffee Wine Company Bonita SpringsIf you're a Bonita Springs native, it's of no surprise that there's something new and small, with a big turnout, in the area.  Located just off of Old 41, near the fire station, the old Corner Store has transformed into a convenient and cozy spot providing all things needed when it comes to small plates, coffee, and wine.  The Downtown Coffee and Wine Company the perfect addition to this beautiful city and unprecedented in it's kind.

When you walk in, the relaxing ambience is immediately evident. There is a counter for ordering and staff remains exceptionally accommodating. They were happy to assist in modifying menu items to allow for indulgence for one with diabetic needs, in addition to other needs such as ketogenic and other diets.  Their desire to assist customers in enjoying their menu items is palpable.

There is a small area of seating inside, yet the majority of the seating is located just outside their front doors and to the side of the building.  The front patio is well equipped with fans to ensure a breezy environment, in addition to umbrellas for each table. There are also multiple pet dishes to provide water for your furry friends.  Yes, the Downtown Coffee and Wine Company is pet friendly.

The menu truly has something to offer for all.  The craft coffees attract the eye of even those who are not particularly lured to coffee.  I personally saw multiple coffees walk past that were topped with s'more ingredients, chocolate syrups, whipped creams, and cookies. Prosecco with a submerged popsicle appeared to be a hit as well, though teas and other beverages are offered.  Menu items range from frozen raw bowls, avocado toast, various shareables, Panini sandwiches, and bakery items and pricing is felt to be more than fare provided the presentation and experience.

The hours are generous with service Monday through Thursday form 7am to 8pm, Friday through Saturday 7am to 10 pm, and Sunday 8 am to 8 pm.  They are closed daily from 3 pm to 5 pm, likely preparing for evening hours and big offerings in the future.  Though live music is already present on select nights, their menu and website announces future plans of wine tastings, champagne and oyster night, and Sunday brunch.

I invite you to explore their website, at, in addition to salivating over their photos on Instagram and Facebook.  Invite your friends, family, and strangers as all are sure to be impressed.

The Downtown Coffee and Wine Company is located on Old 41 Road just south of Riverside Park and The Banyan Tree.


About the Author - Jennafer Rodricks is a life long Bonita Springs resident and lives in the historic downtown Bonita Springs area with her husband, child and her rescue Weimador, Blue.