Dolce Rita's Bonita Springs

Dolce Rita Bonita Springs | 353/365 Things to Do

So Jerry and I thought we’d hit Seed to Table to pick up eggplant for his egg parm recipe.  Melinda had taken photos and they looked soooo good.  Since they’ve only been open a few days it was a total zoo in the parking lot so we drove right on by and ended up at the Publix at Bonita Grande near Worthington and Quail West.

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Well, two interesting things happened – first I met a group member from the Bonita Springs Estero Community Forum in the checkout line and second we had a great pizza at Dolce Rita’s.

Dolce Rita’s is located at the north end of the same Publix is located in.  It’s described in google as a strip-mall outpost offering thin-crust pizzas, pasta & other Italian meals in a casual setting.

We ordered a veggie pizza with an addition of eggplant and it was delish.  We polished off 1/2 of a huge pie and took the rest of it home.    Breakfast! 

If you go, Dolce Rita’s is a casual restaurant and I believe there was wine and beer. We’re not drinkers so I am not sure about other adult beverages.  They also serve desert but we hadn’t budgeted room in our bellies so we have saved that for another day.