Bonita Springs DYI Projects Gone Wrong

Bonita Springs DIYMost Bonita Springs home sellers and tenants mean well when they “do it themselves” but often times, it shows. As a Bonita Springs listing agent I have said, on more than one occasion, that HGTV has given more than a few people just enough confidence to destroy a home or condo’s décor with a trip to the Home Depot.

Since I’ve been a real estate agent in the Bonita Springs area for close to two decades I have seen a lot of home improvement projects go well, but more of them go wrong.  Typical issues I’ve seen in home listings are painting woes, crooked trim/molding, misaligned wall paper and, while it qualifies as painting, bad faux. Ugh, no matter how hard home owners try, there is almost no way to do good faux paint.

Recently, Angela and I helped a home seller upsize to home in Collier County. They sold their home in San Carlos Park and moved to Golden Gate Estates.  The home in GGE was a do it yourself project and the new home owners have their work cut out for them.  With tons of potential, the home will be fabulous.  They just have to apply themselves to fix all of the little short cuts, including “sharpie marker painted” outlet covers.  They really do sell espresso color outlet covers at the big box stores.  It would have been less than $2 for the plate even at the most expensive of stores. 

I have started a small album of DIY projects I’ve seen around the Bonita Springs area while listing or selling homes or condos in the area.  Click here to see the Things I’ve Seen.