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Captain & Krewe Lobster & Oysters | 309/365 Things to Do

The long story short is that the Griffith/Sandford show got a little crazy on Veteran’s Day.  We attended a ceremony at Cambier Park but there were heat issues and someone (Jerry) enjoyed a complimentary ride to the emergency room with lights and sirens. It was hot and he was wearing a black suit in the sun so … Florida is no joke, people. Stay hydrated.  Shout out to  EMS and Greater Naples and everyone who stopped by to check on him from North Collier.

After our long day in the E.R. when we were finally discharged we went back to the park to find his suit jacket which was laying on a bench and then we thought we should finally eat something.  Captain & Krewe is just across the street from the park so we dragged ourselves in there and grabbed a quick mid afternoon bite to eat.

Captain & Krewe OystersPer the usual, we have our favorites and every restaurant and our favorite at Captain & Krewe is the lobster roll. It’s a great sandwich and so different from many of the other local lobster rolls. I also consider myself a French fry aficionado and I just love their “fries” which are basically slabs of baked potato, deep fried.  Again, there is nothing like it in the area.  

I did notice that Captain & Krewe has a great oyster menu and I thought I’d share.  Oysters are my own personal nightmare but I know many other people like them. 

If you are looking for fun things to do consider a trip downtown to Naples.  The Naples Pier, Naples City Dock and the shopping districts aren’t far from Captain & Krewe so you can line up a few fun things to do in one spot within walking distance.